Friendly Place Mondays


Friendly Place Mondays meets on the first Monday of the month with the aim of promoting mental wellbeing and social inclusion.  We believe that there is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play in the support of people with mental health problems, both within our own congregation and also in the wider community.



Friendly Place Mondays is part of the Leicester Jesus Centre vision to serve four hidden communities because we are living in a society with increasing need and decreasing resources nd we are concerned that there are marginalised and hidden communities in our city that need to be reached and served.

The four hidden communities are:

  1. The families of prisoners and young offenders
  2. People with mental health issues
  3. The lonely
  4. Older people



Psalm 68:6 (NIV): “God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing.”

Poor mental health is strongly linked to loneliness and isolation.  The risk of social isolation is the key factor linking the four hidden communities –  positive friendships are part of God’s solution.  Good mental health is the emotional and spiritual resilience which allows us to enjoy life and survive pain, disappointment and sadness.  Friendly Place Mondays has a two arrow strategy:  First arrow – look outwards for support and inspiration; Second arrow – look inwards and see the possibility of recovery and spiritual growth.