The Ebb Leicester

The Ebb Leicester is a support group for the families of prisoners and young offenders, based at the Leicester Jesus Centre.

The Need

A person’s arrest and imprisonment can have punitive consequences for their family, who may face financial, social and emotional challenges.  Compounding these is a three-fold neglect: official neglect (there being no statutory body for prisoners’ families); leading to information neglect, where to access help; leading to societal neglect, stigma and isolation.

Our Response

Leicester has a vibrant and dynamic social action sector, so the Ebb Leicester has forged partnerships with a range of local and national organisations to offer practical and emotiomal support to prisoners’ families in the city.  Our service can be accessed via social media (, telephone helpline or our Thursday drop-in sessions at the Leicester Jesus Centre.

Our Vision

Our aim is connection.  Firstly we aim to connect families to the information that meets their immediate needs; secondly we aim to combat the isolation and stigma that many experience, by connection families together through out work at the Leicester Jesus Centre; thirdly, the recognition that we all have deeper needs and we require empowerment to meet those needs.

How You Can Help

We ask that you pray for our service to connect with families in Leicester and Leicestershire, enabling them to achieve better outcomes in the days ahead and also to consider who is addressing the needs of prisoners’ families in your locality.