Yeshu Darbar Church

Worship time – Sundays 1.30 – 4.00 pm (we have a meal together after the service and finish by 5.00pm)


The Church started in 2008 in Derby, by the grace of God it was doing very well.

Then the Pastor met a a family from Leicester: Brother Binder and Sister Balwinder who wanted to hold weekly prayer meetings at their home.  Gradually new members began to join these meetings and we started doing these at different member’s homes.

As we had a lot of Church members from Leicester, it was becoming difficult to hold these meetings at their homes, due to the lack of space.

Then Brother Sudhir and Sister Rina found us the East West Community Centre in Leicester and the Pastor would do one service in Leicester and another in Derby on Sundays.  This was becoming difficult for the Church as the Pastor wasn’t able to spend much time with the Church members as he had limited time.
The community centre wasn’t meeting our needs and prayed for this and then we found a great Church called the Jesus Centre in Leicester.

The Pastor decided that he would run one Church and all of the Church prayed for this and the advice from various Pastors was to run one service in Leicester and we started having our Service at
the Jesus Centre.

I, Pastor Patras Masih would like to thank everyone who has helped in running Yeshu Darbar Church.
I would also like to thank all of the members of the Jesus Centre.
Our Church vision is that many people will gain salvation in Jesus name.
Also, that people will walk on the word of God and in unity.
The vision of Yeshu Darbar Church is that we will have 7000 members and that is only the beginning.
May the Lord bless all of you and we like to serve the Lord in unity with you.